If Your Want Your Real Estate Business to Make You More Money This Year (Without Stealing All Of Your Free Time), Then Pay Very Close Attention As A...

"Real Estate And Internet Marketing Expert Reveals the Secrets of Leveraging the Colossal Power of the Internet to Boost Your Profits, Automate Tedious Tasks and Crush Your Competition!"

If You Want
Desperate Buyers and Motivated Sellers to Flock to Your Web site and "Line Up Around the Block" To Offer You the Deal of the Century, Then This Could Be the Most Important Letter Of Your Life...

From the Desk of:
Peter Kolat, Internet Marketing and Real Estate Expert

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Finding the perfect property, making an offer, getting the finances together, drawing up contacts, finding the right seller, showing them through the property, doing the paperwork...

It all takes time. And that's something that we just don't have enough of.

In fact, it's not a stretch to say that not having enough time is...

The #1 Factor That is KILLING Your
Real Estate Business...
Without You Even Realizing It!

Let's face it.

Everything in this business comes down to time.

The faster you can find a buyer for your property, the more properties you can sell in a year.

The more deals you make in a year, the higher your income is.

It's business 101.

But you can only work so many hours a week. There are only so many properties you can look at, offers you can make, and ads you can place before you start to fatigue.

Not to mention that you have other ways you'd like to spend your time, like spending a day with your family, or having a night out with your closest friends.

But so often we feel like we just can't do that. We have so much work to do, and so little time to do it - how can we take time off to "goof around"?

We're trapped in a prison of our own making.

How do I know?

Because I used to be there.

How I Escaped the Deadly Trap
That Was Slowly Taking Away
Everything I Had Ever Wanted...

My name is Peter Kolat, and I used to be a workaholic. And not because I wanted to be - because I was forced to be.

You see, I was a "corporate drone" who leveraged the power of real estate to escape the "rat race" and finally achieve the "financial freedom" I had always wanted.

Or so I thought.

I quickly found out that my "financial freedom" was just another J.O.B. Sure, I was making a decent amount of money buying and selling property, but I was also working ridiculously hard. I mean, I'm talking about 70, 80 hour weeks here.

In fact, I was spending so much time on my business that I never got to enjoy the very lifestyle that I got into this business to have.

My wife and kids never saw me, and when they did, I was "too busy" working. I'm pretty sure some of my friends assumed I had died since we never spoke any more. And as for having any "me" time to just read a book, watch TV, or relax at the beach - you're kidding, right?

I had done what every business owner swears they will never do - I had become a slave to my own business.

But at least at some point I was lucky enough to have that realization.

I can't pinpoint the exact moment for you that I had this epiphany. All I know is that I woke up one day and saw, in crystal-clear detail, exactly where my life was headed. And I didn't like it.

At that moment, I knew I had a choice. Either make some major changes in my life and my real estate business, or risk losing everything I held dear to me.

I chose the first option.

What I Did Next Would
Change My Life Forever...

Desperate to find a solution to my problem, the first thing I did was call all the colleagues and real estate contacts that I had built over the years, hoping one of them could offer me some pearls of wisdom that would allow me to stop working in my business and start running it.

As I expected, most of the answers I was given were vague, generic, and hardly helpful. But one of my contacts, Rich, offered me a solution that I thought might actually work.

Rich said he was having a lot of success using a website to help grow his real estate investing business. He told me with this website, he was able to effortlessly get buyers and sellers to come to HIM, meaning he not only had more time to himself, but his profits were growing like crazy.

I'll be honest - this was a bit of a wake up call for me. 

I had heard that many other real estate investors (including my competition!) were using the internet to attract motivated sellers and eager buyers to their website like bees to honey... but until now, I had never really considered doing it myself.

I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot, so I paid some people to put together a website for me and waited for the deals to start rolling in.

Unfortunately, I was about to learn the hard way that...

Just Because You Have a Killer Website...
Doesn't Mean Anyone is Ever Going to See It!

I guess it makes sense when you think about it.

I mean, at the end of the day, a website is just like a piece of property - if you want eyeballs on it, you have to advertise it.

You can have the greatest website in the world, but let's face it - if no one sees it, it's not going to help your real estate business at all.

I may have learned these tips from the "school of hard knocks", but I still believed the internet was precisely the tool I needed in order to turbocharge my profits and save myself hours and hours of work each week.

I just had to figure out how to get people to see my website.

In order to learn the secrets to doing this I practically stalked the top "internet marketers" such as John Reese, Mike Filsaime, and Jeff Walker. I absorbed all their secret tactics that would send a flood of visitors to my site and allow me to put together hugely profitable deals in record time.

Fast forward many months (and thousands of dollars) later, and I finally understood precisely how to use the internet to see massive gains in a real estate business while spending LESS time working.

I knew how to dominate the search engines and crush my competitors' sites, ensuring that every single targeted prospect was landing on MY website instead of theirs.

I knew how to drive an army of desperate buyers to my website and how to use it to hammer them with relentless sales messages that forced them to  BEG me to sell them my properties... for huge profits.

I understood how to send a swarm of motivated sellers to my site and watch as they pleaded with me to take their properties "off their hands" for dirt cheap prices.

I could even use the internet to "walk buyers through" properties that I was advertising, pushing all the "hot buttons" that would make them NEED to get that property IMMEDIATELY!

And best of all, I could do all of this completely on auto-pilot. My website was a dedicated, finely-tuned sales machine that began to put together deals 24/7, even while I was sleeping!

In fact, I got so good at understanding exactly how to use the internet to boost real estate profits that I became something of an "internet expert". Real Estate "names" such as D.C. Fowler, Richard Roop, William Tingle and Steve Cook have raved about how I am the "go to" guy when it comes to leveraging the internet for your real estate business.

You Are Really Breaking New Ground!!


I continue to be impressed with your content. You are really breaking new ground and I appreciate your efforts to educate us investors on how we can leverage technology in our Real Estate Investing businesses."

Chris Daigle

"It was suppose to be an hour but everyone loved him so much that he continued to speak. We had him on 3 days in a row an hour each day.

Hey this is Wendy Patton and Peter Kolat just came to my boot camp and did a 3-hour seminar.

It was suppose to be an hour but everyone loved him so much that he continued to speak. We had him on 3 days in a row an hour each day.

He just did an awesome job explaining how to find buyers and sellers on the internet. He’s got a great course called “Real Estate IDS.” Real Estate IDS is awesome and everyone is so interested and excited to find out more about what he does. Thanks Peter.

Wendy Patton

To put it bluntly, I know my stuff (just search for "Peter Kolat" in Google and see what comes up). 

If you want more proof, then here's a screenshot of me ranking #1 over 92 MILLION websites on Google.

Here's an example of how I completely dominate search engine results (I have EIGTH out of ten spots on the front page for that keyword).


And finally here is proof that I can drive an immense amount of traffic to my websites (how does 55 000 visitors in ONE DAY sound?).

Better yet, what if I told you that one of my websites has generated over HALF A MILLION pageviews and 1.378 million hits in just 10 months.

I'm not putting all this here to brag. I simply want you to know that my techniques WORK, and that you can be 100% certain that the tools I am giving you will work for YOUR real estate business.

And today, I'm revealing every single nugget of information I know that will allow you to leverage the huge potential of the internet and watch as a flood of targeted, desperate buyers start begging you for your properties.

Introducing The Real Estate Internet Domination System
That Will Crush Your Competition and Bring You
Swarms of Hungry, Desperate Buyers - Completely on Auto-Pilot!

My Real Estate Internet Domination System (Or "IDS" for short) is the end result of hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of blood, sweat, and tears. It is a combination of the most successful ways to use the internet to promote your real estate business that I have "borrowed" from internet visionaries such as Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, and John Reese (as well as a lot of trial and error).

Here's a brief summary of what you'll get when you'll be receiving in my Real Estate Internet Domination System:

  • Your very own professionally designed search-engine-friendly website. You can avoid all the hassle and expense of having to get your own website created, because I'm going to get my "crack team" of web designers create you a personalized website completely free! Your new site will not only be drool-worthy to the search engines, but will also already be completely "hosted" and ready-to-go. All you have to do is "fill in the blanks" and you're in business!

  • Over thirteen hours of no-filler, profit-generating content that you can immediately apply to explode your bottom line. Presented in both video AND audio format, this information is conveniently broken into fifteen "bite size" modules, each detailing a different set of strategies you can use to plaster your site all over the search engines and ensure that web searchers will find YOUR site... and NOT your competitor's!

  • Written transcripts of each module. If you have trouble hearing or just prefer learning from written work, then I've got you covered with a complete word-for-word transcription of every module in the System!

  • Access to my SWAT Community "inner circle". This is an invitation-only internet community for the brightest real estate minds in the country. Inside, you'll be able to make powerful contacts that will "shortcut" taking your business to the next level. You will also be part of the premiere real estate and internet marketing "think tank" that reveals the hottest tips and tricks to ensure you stay one step ahead of the ever-changing search engines and continue to grow your bottom line like crazy. Note: Members have said that this is easily worth the "price of admission" ALONE!

    "Within Days... 27% More Traffic

    Your training has helped my results so much.

    After learning what I learned in your training, I realized my websites really weren't optimized for the search engines that well.

    There was a lot of improvement I could make.

    So guess what. I implemented those strategies... and within days I was getting about 27% more traffic. Of course that boils down to more sales.

    And I'm still implementing many of the things that your training has offered me.

    So I just want to say, thank you because it was very easy to understand easy to implement and then boom the results were very, very quick.

    Mark Walters

    There's a New Sheriff in Town... Thumbs Up!

    “Peter Kolat has no rivals in his dominance of Web 2.0.

    There is a new sheriff in town and with the release of Peter's Real Estate IDS product, his legionnaires will be treated to a spectacle of Audio-Visual information, testing and tracking wizardry, "golden nuggets" of SEO and social media domination techniques and "silver bullets" that pierce the veil of outsourcing secrets held captive for much too long.

    Peter is not taking any prisoners with his new release which will captures the hearts and minds of both the newbie and the "seen it all" pro.

    Thumbs up!"

    Andrew Marshall
    Phoenix, AZ

So Why Is My Real Estate Internet Domination System
the ONLY Tool You Should Depend On to Give Your
Real Estate Business a "Shot in the Arm" And
Add A Fortune to Your Bottom Line?


"Other" real estate internet marketing sites simply build you a website and tell you "you're on your own".

However, as I learned first-hand, that's no good to anyone. A website, just like a property, must be advertised effectively if you want to get people to see it.

In this system, I'm not just giving you the tools you need - I'm showing you exactly how to use them for maximum results, to ensure that you have a website that pulls in desperate buyers completely on "auto-pilot".

In addition, the System requires absolutely zero technical experience (if you can use your Word processor, you've got all the talent you need!) and can easily and effortlessly be "outsourced" to contractors or assistants.

Now, I know you're itching to find out precisely what powerful secrets I'm going to reveal to you in my Real Estate Internet Domination System.

Allow me to "fill you in".

Here Are Just SOME Of the Powerful
Secrets You're About to Discover That
Will Send Your Profits Into "Outer Space"
AND Give You More Free Time!

  • The one thing that will "make or break" your real estate success. Get this one wrong, and you're "dead in the water" before you've even started!

  • How to "get inside" the minds of potential investors and ethically manipulate them to stuff their capital into your pockets!

  • Three powerful thousand-year-old strategies you can use to explode your business and fatten your bottom line!

  • The three major search engines that will make or break your real estate internet income.

  • The twelve pieces of criteria that Google (the search engine with over a 60% market share!) uses to judge your site. Apply these tips correctly, and watch Google drool over your website and send you thousands of hungry, targeted investors.

  • Does "duplicate content" REALLY kill your chances of ever ranking well on the search engine results? I give you the REAL deal on this highly contested debate!

  • Google's "PageRank" - what is it, what does it do, and how can you manipulate it to dominate the search engine results? I give you the scoop on all of this in module 3D.

  • How to structure your site so you have complete control over which pages receive "link juice" and which ones do not. Use these tactics, and your website will effortlessly fly to the top of the search engine results!

  • What is "keyword research", and why it is an essential step in crafting a powerful, profit-building website?

  • How you can use "long tail" keywords to sneak under the radar of your competitors and crush their websites in the search engine results!

    As a Result, I have an extra $47,000 + another potential profit lined up!

    “Thank you so much!!! Why?

    Because today after closing on two deals and getting under contract another deal last week, I realized that if weren't because of you, this $37K net profit and another potential $17K just under contract wouldn't have added up as extra income coming from just your free stuff give aways.

    I don't know how much longer you going to afford giving out these free stuff regularly, but one thing for certain is that I took advantage of them and as a result I have me an extras $47K + another potential profit lined up.

    So I thought the least I can do is let you know about it and how thankful I am of what you doing not only for me, but anyone who follows you. Even though you already know I follow you already on twitter too. I was also able to learn some bonus ideas and implement them into my system for free. So thanks once again and may GOD continue blessing you so that others can also benefit. "

    Freddie Colon


    “Thanks Peter! That is going to be  GODSEND for some pretty shrewd investors if they use it right!"


  • The six questions you MUST ask yourself when you are creating any website. Ignore this step, and your website will simply drown in the sea of the internet, never to be found by anyone ever again.

  • A whopping ten tools you can use to get inside your visitor's heads and extract the exact phrases they'll be using to find your website.

  • The secrets to conducting market research that is so powerful that you'll know your visitors better than they know themselves. Get this step right, and your website will attract swarms of "loaded" investors that are desperate to give you their hard-earned cash.

  • How you can use this free, simple tool to spy on your competition. Once you know their secrets, you'll easily be able to steal their investors for yourself - right under their nose!

  • Does one of your competitors have the search engine ranking that YOU want? Use the secret techniques that I describe in Module 4 to deliver a "flying-kick" to their rankings and take their spot for YOUR website!

  • It's no secret that getting targeted links from other websites is one of the keys to dominating the search engines. But did you know that there are 3 major factors that influence just how much those links will help you? Ignore this, and you WILL waste hours of your time getting pointless, impotent links!

  • These 3 tactics that other "SEO gurus" are promoting WILL destroy any chance you have of getting the high rankings you want. Find out what they are at 15:11 in Session 1A - before your competitors do!

  • The secrets to ethically and quickly creating pages that the search engines will "eat up" and send you thousands of targeted buyers who want to invest their money in YOUR properties!

  • The ONLY way to "re-direct" your web pages to avoid the search engines penalizing you. Ignore this rule and your site will slide off the first page into the very bottom of the results - and you'll have no idea why.

  • Discover the "secret weapon" I use to effortlessly increase the "stickiness" of my website, increase the time my visitors spend on my pages, and instantly double the content on my site. Simply apply this dead-simple secret and watch in amazement as your bottom line "magically" grows like crazy!

  • How to use "double indenting" to dominate whole pages of search engine results - ensuring that there is no room for your competitor's sites, and sending THEIR cashed-up investors straight to your doorstep!

  • The secrets to using "Web 2.0" websites to effortlessly create an explosion of targeted "backlinks" to your site, sending your site rocketing to the highest spots in the search engine results pages!

  • In Session 4G you'll discover my proven, tested methods for using "social media" sites to connect with desperate buyers and send them straight to my website. Use these powerful tactics, and you'll never again have to "search" for a buyer - they'll come to you and beg you to sell them the properties you already have!

  • The secret tactics I use to "fly under the radar" of social bookmarking sites like Digg, and how I leverage these sites to send a swarm of targeted, hungry buyers straight to my website.

  • The tools I personally use to make sure my site is performing at maximum potential 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - all on autopilot! WARNING: If you're not using these tools, you ARE leaving money on the table!

  • The "dirty little secrets" to designing your website in a way that glues your visitor's eyes to the screen and doesn't let go until they have read every word of your website - resulting in your bottom line experiencing hulking, steroid-induced growth!

  • How to use a "squeeze page" to build huge lists of hungry investors and motivated sellers completely on auto-pilot - even while you're sleeping or watching TV!

You're the Best!!

“Hi Peter,

You are definitely THE BEST when it comes to real estate investing information. I'm actually in the middle of trying to figure this "techy" stuff out myself. 

This stuff definitely helps me understand the complicated stuff like FTP, 'squeeze pages' and all that stuff.

Thanks again,"

  • The 7 essential elements of a "squeeze page" that will directly determine it's effectives.WARNING: Get these wrong, and you will be "throwing away" thousands of dollars!

  • Discover my expert tips for amassing a pile of glowing testimonials. Using these "love letters" from your previous deals, you can quickly and effortlessly convince any investor that you are the ONLY person they should be dealing with (your competitors will hate you for this...)!

  • Watch session 6C to discover the secrets to getting your very own site template that the search engines (ESPECIALLY Google) will drool over. Simply "fill in the blanks" and watch in awe as your website automatically builds you a massive list of targeted, hungry investors before your very eyes!

  • The "magic number" of seconds you have to capture your visitor's attention before they leave your website for good, and how you can use a little-known (but completely free) tool to make sure that your site isn't sending your visitors away before you can even make your pitch!

  • We've all heard the saying that on the internet, "content is KING". But what do you do when you just don't have the time (or inspiration) to come up with brilliant content by yourself? I reveal my secret tactics that allow me to "steal" other people's content - and have them thank me for it!

  • How to "broadcast yourself" all over the internet and attract thousands of hungry investors to your website. If you thought having your own website was powerful, wait until you see what happens when you use my patented "X Fold" content distribution system and plaster yourself all over the web!

  • Want to learn the secrets of "selling" an investor on buying one of YOUR properties without having to leave the house? Then check out session 7C, where I "spill the beans" on this powerful technique that will put you light-years ahead of your competition!

  • Discover the secrets of dominating YouTube for YOUR videos, crushing your competition and sending a stream of hungry, motivated buyers to YOUR website!

    Iíve studied some real high-end internet and business building gurus and Peter gave me some information that I NEVER even heard today

    Hey this is John Zork Iím the host of REI TV show. I just saw Peter Kolatís speak here in Detroit, Michigan at Wendy Pattonís boot camp.

    This guy is absolutely phenomenal! He gave some great information.

    Iíve studied some real high-end internet and business building gurus and Peter gave me some information that I never even heard today that Iím going to able to go back implement in my businessómy real estate investing business and itís absolutely going to save me countless hours a week.

    I really want to thank you Peter. Iím looking forward to connecting with you, checking out your blogóI checked that out last night and that was awesome. And I look forward to reading more of your information. So thank you and I canít wait to see you again.

    John Zork
    REI TV Show

    ...this man is a genius on the internet!

    I’m sitting here with my friend Peter Kolat.

    I’ve been speaking for 28 years and this man is a genius on the internet!

    He is going to teach the old man—teach the old dog and young puppies new tricks on how to master the internet so I can attract more and more traffic and have more and more students grab my course.

    Thanks Peter for all your help. Thank you very much. On your help with mastering the internet, Grab Peter! He knows what he is talking about.

    Nick Sidoti
    Dr. Cashflow

  • You've probably heard about Twitter. What you may not know is that Twitter is a goldmine for real estate investors - IF (and ONLY if) you use it correctly. In session 7E I'm going to reveal all my hard-earned secrets on how you can use Twitter to find motivated investors and boost your bottom line like crazy!

  • Converting a prospective buyer into an actual investor can be a complex, difficult process. However, if you check out session 8B, you'll notice that I've already done all the work FOR you. Simply "copy and paste" my proven system and watch as your website does all the "hard work" while you relax on the couch!

  • The "secret weapon" that ethically forces prospects to whip out their credit cards and pay YOU to send them information about how they can buy your properties!

  • Powerful techniques you can use to explode your "contact lists" of motivated sellers and hungry buyers. Use these techniques and you'll be able to make the "deal of the century" on a weekly basis!

  • Want to build the size of your "list" but don't have the time to do it all yourself? In session 9A I "spill the beans" on how you can have other people do all your dirty work for you... and thank you for the "opportunity" for months (even years) to come!

  • The average prospect needs to be contacted seven different times before you can "close" a deal. However, when you use the powerful strategies I reveal in session 9C, you can have your website wear down their objections on auto-pilot. No more chasing "on the fence" prospects - from now on you'll only need to talk with buyers who will BEG you to take their hard-earned cash!

  • We all know that email is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to keep in touch with possible investors, but did you know that up to 60% of your lists may not even be GETTING your emails? If you want your emails to get through, then you MUST use this powerful resource.

  • How to get your business directly in front of the very people who need your services immediately - and make tons of money while you do it!

  • Why a tenant trashing a property may actually make you far, far more money than you realize - just as soon as you apply the powerful tactic I describe in step-by-step detail in session 10B.

  • The "direct response marketing" secret that allows anyone - even a complete "newbie" - to create web pages that dominate the competition and send a stream of hungry investors straight to your virtual doorstep.

  • How to decide beyond a shadow of a doubt which web page changes will make you more money, and which will just eat away at your profits.

  • The secret tools you can use to "get inside" your website visitors' heads, and how to use it to fatten your bottom line like crazy.

  • "Outsourcing" (getting others to do your work for you) can create you more time and money - but only if you do it correctly. See session 13B for details on the precise strategy I use to find the "hidden gems" of the internet who do top-notch work for peanuts, allowing you to spend more time on the really important stuff (like going fishing!)
  • The proven tactics I use to ensure that every employee or contractor I hire is forced to give me ONLY their best quality work. WARNING: Fail to apply these tactics and you WILL get "taken for a ride"!

  • Want some quality work done but just don't have the time or inclination to sift through hundreds of websites trying to find the "right" guy? Why not take advantage of my experience, and check out session 13C, where I list the resources I personally take advantage of if I need a good job done fast (and at a reasonable price). This list alone will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours!

  • Last but not least, I'll give you a complete step-by-step 14 week plan that you can follow that will take you from having no website or technical skills whatsoever, to having an internet salesman working for you every hour of the day. Once you've finished this program, simply sit back and relax as your website creates you a huge list of motivated sellers and desperate buyers and practically puts the deals together FOR you!

The "sneak peek" I've just given you truly is just the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to this powerful, life-changing program (click here to get your copy immediately).

However, as I mentioned before, that's not all you're going to get in this powerful, easy-to-use system that is guaranteed to fatten your bottom line dramatically. 

In fact, I am so committed to your success in using the internet to put your real estate business' growth "on steroids", that I'm going to make you an irresistible offer.

If You Secure Your Copy of my Real Estate Internet
Domination System Today, I'm Going to Throw In
Almost $4,377 (Real Value) of Extra Bonuses That Will Add
A Fortune To Your Bottom Line Totally Hands-Free!

Again, that's $4,377
of real value just in bonuses!

A 100% "Ready For Action" Professionally Designed Website That Will Crush Your Competition and Generate Huge Lists of Buyers and Sellers... Completely On Auto-Pilot!
($2500+ value!)

Building a website can take days, even weeks of your life. It also costs you a small fortune, and you have to tell the designer exactly what you want and how you want it - or risk ending up with a website that looks (and performs) as though a three-year-old went crazy with his crayons.

However, when you invest in my Real Estate Internet Domination System, I will have my team of professional web designers create your very own, 100% personalized website.

My team and I will ensure that your website is built in such a way that it naturally attracts the search engines to it like a magnet attracts iron filings. We will design your website for maximum response - every inch of "virtual real estate" will be a finely-honed and polished machine capable of bringing you thousands of motivated sellers and hungry buyers who want to do business with you... and ONLY you.

To make sure that is process is as hands-free as possible for you, I'm even going to host the website on my server, so all you have to do is "fill in the blank" with some basic content and you will be ready to "rock and roll".

This bonus alone is easily worth thousands of dollars, and I'm saving you all the time and hassle of having to find a "crack team" to do it for you, meaning that you can spend more time growing your business or even just relaxing with your loved ones.


Top of the line, in-a-good-neighborhood, professionally-managed, fully-developed CentOS Linux Based, Extremely FAST Quad-Core Processors-Raid 10, 6 months of website hosting here in United States in Dallas, TX
($498 value!)

Now that you have your website created , you'll need to have it hosted somewhere, right? Well, I have a perfect solutions for you! I will install, configure and HOST your very own real estate lead pulling website on my servers for 6 FULL months!

That's right! I am taking all of the risk on this bonus as well. It costs to have servers and it costs to host websites. I'm sure that it can get pretty expensive depending on the types of servers and hosting packages you use for your website. Guess what! You won't have to worry about that here because I WILL PAY FOR YOUR HOSTING!

Recently, I conducted a survey among various real estate and internet marketing companies to see how much they pay a month for their hosting company. I'm not going to lie to you.

Some companies paid as little as $6/month (cheap and unreliable) and some paid as much as $200/per month (dedicated server hosting) for a single web hosting account.

On average, the hosting among all of those companies was about $83/month.

As far as I can tell, you are getting a one heck of a deal here! But what happens after 6 months? Well, you can continue to host with me or you can move your website somewhere else. I'll even give you several website hosting companies top choose from! These companies will even transfer your files for FREE!

Oh, if you already have a website and would like to transfer it to my servers, I'll do it for 100% FREE! You won't have to worry about a thing.

This bonus alone is easily worth several hundred dollars, (6 months x $83/month) and I'm saving you all the time, money and hassle of having to find that perfect hosting company that won't go out of business. You won't have to worry about having your visitors seeing those 403, 500 "Server Unavailable" or "No Page Found" errors.

Note: After the six month period, you can remain using our servers and utilize all of our bandwidth while driving massive traffic to your website as a result of the strategies I share with you inside the Real Estate IDS Course and the members area.

The renewal fee for the website hosting will be a measly $19.95 per month. However, we will NOT start billing you automatically. You'll need to tell us that you want to continue hosting your website on our servers. By the way, if you decide to remain a member of the SWAT Inner Circle Team, your $19.95/month hosting fee will be waived.

One Month
3 months FREE Access to My "SWAT" Inner Circle ($291 Value! My regular fee to access the SWAT Inner Circle Members area is $97/month)

Do you want to have access to the #1 real estate "think tank" in the country?

Here's your chance.

The SWAT inner circle is an invitation-only group that is dedicated to sharing the hottest tips and tricks in the real estate industry.

Let's face it - on the internet, things change quickly.

And if you don't keep up with those changes, then your site WILL stop bringing you those armies of desperate buyers.

The SWAT inner circle program will allow you to connect with hugely successful real estate and internet marketing experts from all over the country. You'll be able to bounce ideas off each other, discover powerful techniques to multiply your profits, and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Having trouble getting the results with your website you want? Post here and get immediate answers. Need to know more about exactly how Google ranks websites? Find your answer here. Want to know how others use their websites to "pre sell" hot buyers before they've even exchanged emails? The secrets are waiting inside.

However, the SWAT team won't only be about how to use the internet. We're also going to discuss powerful, deal-closing real estate tactics. You can also network with real estate investors across the country and create profitable and mutually beneficial "joint ventures" to supercharge your profits and free up your spare time.

Oh, one last thing. This isn't one of those memberships where I just abandon you. I will be checking in on a daily basis, offering my advice, support, and tactics on how you can take your real estate business to the next level.

Note: After the 3 month period, you will NOT be automatically billed at the $97/month rate. I repeat, we won't bill you a penny. You have my word!

However, you can renew your membership at a discounted rate of $67/month. Just contact our support desk through the SWAT Team members area and let us know you want to continue with your SWAT membership.

Why am I making such an insane offer and loosing out on a potential $291 of extra profit?

Because I know that once you experience the SWAT Inner Circle members area, you will want to stay and continue to steal my secret strategies.

My Entire Arsenal of Squeeze Pages/Video Landin
g Pages ($297 Value!)

Savvy businesspeople understand that the internet is a completely different medium for advertising than the "offline" world.

It requires a whole new set of "rules" on creating advertisements (read: websites) that  force your visitors to beg you to sell them the properties you already have.

However, I know your time is valuable, so instead of just abandoning you and letting you go through the painful (and expensive) process of figuring out what does and does not work, I'm going to give you a set of 10 different polished, razor-sharp video "squeeze page" templates that will capture the contact details of every qualified visitor who comes to your website.

Simply "fill in the blank" and upload it to your website, and watch as your lists of hungry buyers and motivated sellers grow like crazy.

Here are few examples of the quality of landing pages you'll receive from me. You can easily edit all of the text on this page. All you do is highlight the text you want to edit and type. Just like Microsoft Word.

Click on the images below to see them in full.

Classic Style comes in five color variations- Use it to build your list of Buyers & Sellers

Or You can use this Flash Based Template to build your list of buyers & sellers.

Want to Sell Your Next property? This video template will do just that for you! Just insert your property walk through and you are all set.

Cred-Builder Template
Use it to Build Your Business Credibility & Become Market Authority (See Course)

My Latest Project:
2 1/2 Hours of Hardcore, No Fluff, Powerful Internet Marketing Strategies on How to Find Thousands of Buyers & Sellers On The Internet ($97 Value!)

Here's a short video of what the ENTIRE (Not just few people but the entire audience) at a recent PAID BOOTCAMP thought about the "Lost Module" strategies I shared with them behind the closed doors. Just click the below video to see.

Here are just some of the benefits this one-of-a-kind DVD will bring to your business marketing arsenal:

    How to get your site on the FRONT PAGE of Google's search results in just a few hours, and leverage this position to start reeling in thousands of hungry buyers to your web site every day!

  • Discover the secret to "side-stepping" your competition. Use this sneaky (yet completely ethical) technique, and your competitors will be left "scratching their heads", wondering how you completely CRUSHED them in the search engines!
  • Not sure how hungry, targeted buyers are finding your site? Use the tool I reveal to you and instantly learn whether your "keywords" are going to drive targeted, hungry buyers to your site, or just invite a lot of "tire kickers" who will sap your time, energy AND money... and give you NOTHING in return!
  • Do you want to generate an explosion of desperate, cashed-up buyers to your site in just minutes? Then follow my directions and you will have so many buyers you'll have to make them "wait in line" to stuff their hard-earned cash into your pockets!
  • How to use a "squeeze page" to create mammoth lists of buyers and sellers. Once you apply these powerful strategies, you will be more "connected" than Donald Trump, and landing the "Deal of the Century" will be a weekly event!
  • Discover how to "piggy-back" off an established expert's huge list of hungry buyers and massive credibility - and have him thank you for it over and over!
  • Four powerful techniques that will explode your "lists" of hungry, desperate investors who will throw money at you like it's going out of style!
  • The one simple mistake that people make when putting videos on YouTube that makes their video as useless as a screen door on a submarine! WARNING: If you don't watch this part, you WILL make this mistake.
  • Did you know Facebook is one of the fastest growing sites EVER? I'm going to reveal how you can tap into its awesome power to get boatloads of buyers and catapult your real estate business to a whole new level.
  • Plus much, much more...

"SEO in a BOX Plugin Arsenal" My Super Traffic Attracting Wordpress Plugin Bundle ($197 Value!)

One of the biggest reasons why so many people succeed on the internet is because they use blogs.

Those blogs are able to receive small pieces of codes, script and softwares called plugins.

It can get overwhelming and you can spend weeks of your time finding the right plugins that will increase your traffic and bring buyers and sellers to your website on AUTOPILOT!

My "SEO In a Box Arsenal" contains months of research and hundreds of hours of implementation, tweaking and configuring of those unique set of plugins.

What you'll receive here is the best of the best plugins to make sure your Wordpress based blog runs at the top of it's game.

Real Estate Marketing Website Reviews And Video Critiques By ME" ($397 Value!)

Web site Reviews By me! Here's another great benefit:

I will give you access to a member portal where you can ask to have your web site reviewed by me.

Each month, I will also select web sites and provide the community with a full video review... 'Hot Seat' style.

What works, what doesn't, is it SEO friendly, lead generation processes and more. This one module is worth more than you think. Why?

Because sometimes the difference between a successful website and an unsuccessful website are just few tweaks here and there. Sometimes it is more than that, much more than that. That's where I come in. People have paid me money to do this for them but you'll get it for FREE.

Think about this for a second:

Have you ever wondered why your website is not converting as many leads as it should?

  • One of my websites converts as much as 53% of people into subscribers when they show up on that site.

Have you ever wondered why your website is not getting the traffic that it should?

  • I can show you how to get more, much more visitors to your website from the EXISTING TRAFFIC! If you are getting some traffic to your site, I can show you how to multiple it, many times over!

And that's just couple of things I can show you in my website video review.

1/2 Hour Of Personal 1-on-1 Consultation with me where You can ask me ANYTHING to help you market your properties and your business.

($100 Value!)

We can even work on your very own Personalized "S.R.E.M.A.P."
(Strategic Real Estate Marketing Action Plan)

Yo will get a 1/2 hour consultation with me on the phone. All you have to do is submit a ticket to our Help Desk and will will send you 3 different time slots that you can use to talk to me, 1-on-1.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, just recently, one of my students had this little 1-ON-1 with me on the phone where he was asking me about how he can market his property on the internet. He showed me the video he created and uploaded it on YouTube.

Guess what? He had so many mistakes on that video. He wasn't getting any views, no clicks, no calls. Does that sound familiar?

After I told him what he needed to do, his video:

  • Ended up in the top 3 searches on Youtube for his term
  • Ended up on the first page of Google for his term
  • He started getting more clicks back to his site
  • He was actually building his list of buyers for ANOTHER property that he DIDN'T HAVE YET!

I stopped doing the 1/2 hour consultations because they were taking up too much of my time and I couldn't help as many people as I would like.

Right now, only my Elite Circle Members get to talk to me on the phone. By you get it for FREE as part of this SUMMER SCHOOL Bonus Bonanza.

By the way, if you are not one of my Elite Inner Circle members and would like to talk to me on the phone to create your very own "S.R.E.M.A.P." (Strategic Real Estate Marketing Action Plan) for your real estate business, it will cost you $200 per hour.

So you've now had an in-depth look at everything that comes in my Real Estate Internet Domination System, and I'm betting right now you're wondering what kind of investment you're going to have to make in order to get your hands on this powerful, life-changing system.

I'll answer that in just a moment. Before I do, however, let me ask you a question...

How Much Do You Think You'll Add to Your Bottom Line
Using These Time-Saving, Profit-Boosting Secret Techniques?

Remember, you're not just investing in a website or some basic marketing information.

You're making an investment in your real estate business that will allow you to completely automate many of the more "tedious" parts of your business, allowing you to spend more time where you are needed... or just "take a break from it all"!

When you invest in my Real Estate Internet Domination System, you're getting:

  • A professionally designed, fully hosted website that is ready to bring a flood of hungry buyers to your website and show them YOUR properties

  • Over 13 hours of profit-growing techniques that you can instantly "put to work" and send your real estate income "through the roof"

  • 100+ pages of transcripts packed with "secret techniques" that will leave buyers at your mercy and begging you to sell you your properties to them for top dollar

  • 15 "mind maps" so you can immediately recall every detail of each module, ensuring that you don't miss any important information and reap maximum profits

  • Access to my SWAT "inner circle", where you can connect with million-dollar real estate specialists from all over the world and "steal" their techniques to multiply your profits like crazy

  • A free set of "squeeze pages" (some using video!) that you can model to produce a page that traps buyer and seller contact details while making sure that they will only deal with you, and not your competition!

In short, you are getting every single tool you could possibly want to ensure that your real estate business is more profitable this year than it ever has been before (click here to claim your copy immediately).

In fact, I personally guarantee you that this investment will make you AT LEAST an extra $10 000 this year alone .

I'll tell you more about that in a minute. But before I do, I'd like to ask you a question:

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like
When You Are No Longer a "Slave" To Your Business,
Forced to Spend Your Every Waking Moment
Chasing The Next "Deal of the Century"...

When you claim your copy of my Real Estate Internet Domination System, you will no longer have to spend hours "chasing" sellers and trying to find the right buyer for your properties. Instead, using my system, you can wait for them to come to you simply by sitting back and letting your website "do its thing". 

You'll watch in amazement and awe as your site amasses you a huge list of desperate buyers and a massive contact list of motivated sellers who are DESPARATE to unload their properties. Simply take a motivated seller, pair him up with a desperate buyer, and watch as the cash comes flooding in!

You can even use your website to "qualify" your prospects and keep out "tire kickers", ensuring that you spend your time on the things that are REALLY adding to your bottom line.

And that's not to mention the fact that since your advertising will be done on your own website, your advertising costs will be cut dramatically, instantly boosting your bottom line.

Now, at this point I'll bet you're wondering what kind of investment you're going to have to make to see those kind of results.

Well, keep in mind that this system was created primarily because real estate investors who knew me realized I was crushing my competition, making more money, and had more free time, and wanted to duplicate my results.

These guys would gladly pay anything to get a hold of this information.

Hell, I could probably "name my price"

I know a lot of people who would be more than happy to pay $10,000+ for this information and these tools, because they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would make that investment back many, many times over.

However, pricing this course at that level would put it out of reach of a lot of "smaller" investors, and I've never been about keeping my information exclusive. I certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth (I even used to have a dreaded J.O.B!) and I don't think this powerful information should be restricted solely to people who have $10,000 laying around.

So, after careful consideration, I've decided to price this whole System, including:

  • the "done-for-you" website with free hosting and technical support
  • the whopping 15 modules (each with audio, video, and text )
  • insider access to my SWAT team 
  • A set of bonus squeeze and video pages

for the very reasonable price of just $1,997 $1,197 (click here to get your copy right now). That's right! As part of the Summer School program, you will not pay the usual $1,997 price most people pay on the internet every single day.

Considering that this system includes a professionally designed website AND a complete course on how to market it to ensure that it gives you maximum results, I'd say that's a steal

Many "other" companies simply give you a website, take a couple of thousand dollars of your money and tell you you're on your own.

Let me tell you that you won't get ANY results out of your website unless you know how the secrets of getting people to SEE it. That means DOMINATING the search engines and crushing your competitors.

And that's exactly what I'll reveal to you when you get your copy of the Real Estate Internet Domination System right now.

After your initial investment, access to my "inner circle", which includes advice from industry experts AND allows you to network with millionaire real estate investors from around the country, will run you the minimal sum of just $97 per month (Free for 3 months when you invest in your business here). This membership also includes web hosting and priority support, which you will get 100% FREE as long as you're a member of my SWAT team.

Did I mention that BOTH of these expenses are probably tax deductible?

Now, I understand that you're a savvy businessperson, and that you're not going to invest in any system, regardless of its credentials, without some kind of guarantee that the results will work for YOU.

Well, here it is...

If My Real Estate Internet Domination System Doesn't Make You AT LEAST $10 000 This Year, I Will Give You a Full Refund!

That's right. I am so confident my Real Estate Internet Domination System will explode your profits that I am willing to make a completely no-risk guarantee.

Download my System and try it out for thirty days. If you don't feel that the information contained within will add AT LEAST $10,000 to your bottom line, then simply send me an email I will refund you every penny of your purchase price.

That is how strongly I believe that my Real Estate Internet Domination System will exceed your expectations and add huge amounts to your bottom line.

This is a completely risk-free situation for you; if you aren't 100% happy with your purchase, all you have to do is send me an email through my help desk and I will immediately refund your full purchase price.

I honestly don't know how I can be fairer than that.


Right now, you probably can't wait to get your hands on my proven Real Estate Internet Domination System. But if you're still "on the fence", then let me ask you one last question...

Is THIS Going to Be the Year You OBLITERATE
Your Projected Earnings And Finally
Stop Being a Slave to Your Business?

Or is it going to be yet another year of you doing the same thing and getting the same results?

Is now going to be the time when you take hold of your destiny and set your business up for maximum profits, and work smarter (NOT harder!) so that you can take the time out to really ENJOY your life?

Or are you going to continue to be "chained" and have to do all the dirty work... including chasing buyers, digging up motivated sellers, and trying to persuade them to "take a look" at your properties?

The tools and techniques to leverage the power of the internet and get more profits in less time are right in front of you.

All you have to do is reach out and claim them.

Don't put off the crucial building of your business any longer.

Get my Real Estate Internet Domination System today, and start having your business work for YOU - not the other way around.

Get Your Copy Of My Real Estate Internet Domination System Right Now, Crush Your Competitors,
and Create a "Feeding Frenzy" Of Hungry,
Targeted Buyers Who Want YOUR Properties!

Secure your copy of the Real Estate Internet Domination System right now, and you will get:
  • A fully hosted, professionally designed, ready-for-immediate-action website ($2500+ value!)
  • Over 13 hours of audio and video modules that will reveal the secrets of crushing your competition in the search engines and driving hordes of desperate investors to YOUR website!
  • Written transcripts of each module
  • FAST ACTION BONUS- A month 3 months FREE access to my "inner circle" SWAT team where you can network with millionaire real estate investors all over the country, "pick their brains" and use their secret techniques to explode YOUR business. (Others are paying $97 per month to access this site but since you found this site & it's Special Offer, You get it for FREE! You will NOT be billed after 3 months. It's 100% up to you if you want to remain in the program.) ($291 value!)

  • A complete set of professionally designed, guaranteed-to-convert squeeze pages (with video!) that will ensure you capture the contact details of as many investors as possible WITHOUT having to spend hours of your time and thousands of dollars "testing" to find out what works. ($297 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS- 6 months of hosting for your website on my Professional-grade, CentOS Linux based, In-the-good-neighborhood, fast loading servers. ($498 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS- 2 1/2 Hours of Pure content on finding thousands of buyers & sellers on the internet. FREE DVD special! ($97 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS- My SEO in the BOX Plugin Arsenal that will have your blog bypassing your competition in the search engines. They'll be wondering what you are doing when you knock them off the first page of Google & Yahoo. ($197 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS- My rare (outside of my Inner Circle Elite Member Area) video website critique where you'll see first hand what you need to do to make your website convert like crazy and attract new client. ($397 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS- 1/2 hour exclusive one-on-one consultation with ME where we can work on your "S.R.E.M.A.P." and you can ask me anything related to marketing. Believe me, it is well worth it as I have not had one person regret doing this session with me. ($100 value!)

That's a total of $4,377 of REAL VALUE in bonuses, plus $1,997 of the value for the course itself. Together, you would have to pay $6,374 if you invested in all of the above products separately.

All this is available as an immediate download or close to it, so you can be discovering the secrets of leveraging the internet for your real estate business in just minutes.

You're also protecting by my 30-Day 100% full money-back guarantee, so if you don't think this information will add AT LEAST $10,000 to your bottom line this year, then just email me and I will give you an immediate and full refund of every penny you paid.

Remember, your order is ultra-secure. Your payment will be transmitted over our 128-bit SSL technology server, which is the strongest protection the internet can offer.

Order the Real Estate Internet Domination System Right Now, and Join the Thousands of Men and Women Who Are Using the Internet to Create Massive Cash Windfalls in THEIR Real Estate Businesses Completely Hands-Free!

To Your Real Estate Success,

P.S. I have to be honest here - this is a strictly time-sensitive offer (just look at the timer at the top of this page). If you have been on my list for sometime than you know that when the clock stops, so does the offer.

P.P.S. Also, since I am offering my personal consultation services to everyone who takes advantage of this offer, there are only so many spots I can fill. Honestly, I can only give out about 6-8 hours of my time because I am working on a BIG project right now. That means there are only about 12-16 spots open.

Don't miss your chance to turn your real estate business into a hands-free, profit-producing monster - secure your copy of the Real Estate Internet Domination System right now, and get immediate access to my powerful secrets that are guaranteed to add AT LEAST $10 000 to your bottom line this year - or your money back!